On-site equipment handling

Expert service for installation, removal, reconfiguration and recommissioning of instrumentation and systems

  • Mechanical assistance for servicing of existing instrumentation and systems

  • Experienced team of service engineers

  • Equipment service includes electrical connections, safety measurements and special parts

At a glance

  • Premium option for tailored customer on-site assistance throughout the whole lifecycle of instruments and systems
  • Individual terms and conditions according to Service Level Agreement with KROHNE

Your challenge

When applications and plant infrastructures require changes, measuring points and device installations are often also affected. For a customer’s service staff, the removal, recommissioning and reconfiguration of process instruments and systems can be time-consuming and hard to deal with as it is often not part of their daily business. Therefore, it is beneficial if you can rely on service professionals familiar with the instrumentation and the requirements and pitfalls in recommissioning and reconfiguring your measurement instruments.

Our service

With Equipment Handling KROHNE Service offers a premium option to support customers throughout the lifecycle of their instruments and systems. When equipment needs to be removed from the application for process adaptations or to perform maintenance or repairs, an experienced team of service engineers will assist in the removal, subsequent reinstallation and configuration of the equipment including electrical connections, safety measurements and special parts.

Your added value

  • Professional service teams dedicated to installations
  • Electrical and mechanical integration into customer application
  • Tailormade workflows / plans to ensure efficient integration and reduced plant downtime
  • Turnkey project management availability

KROHNE Service Top Tips

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